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10 March 2010 @ 12:48 pm
Who: Willow, Giles, Wesley, Buffy, Angel
When: Soon after Willow/Giles/Wes buy the needed supplies
Where: Angel Investigations
Status: Incomplete

It was 'go time' now, as Giles had heard one of the younger ones say. They had the ingredients for Willow to perform the location spell to track down Faith and this new found sister she took with her. It felt like it was taking much longer than it should. What concerned Giles the most was that Faith didn't have to kill in the 'light' of night. She was no vampire, though seemed to have a certain bloodlust of one. He wanted to believe she was still just as lost a soul as any other human, but it didn't mean he couldn't worry what her activities would entail now that she was out. She was no regular human, and while any other insane person could cause damage, a super-powered insane person was much, much worse.

His car pulled up to the building where they had dropped Buffy off. He hoped that Buffy was able to get some information from Angel, although, Giles had enough common sense to know it wasn't all about the mission when it came to Buffy and Angel. It was a downfall that Buffy knew Giles had reservations about. But he knew in the end, his Slayer pulled through.

"Right then, let's get this inside so we can set up what we need to do," he told Wesley and Willow as they got out of the car and headed towards the small office building.
20 November 2009 @ 12:24 pm
Who: Willow, Giles, Wesley
When: The day after the Scoobies arrived in LA
Where: In some of the seeder parts of LA.
Status: Incomplete

Two watchers and a witch walk into a magic shop...Collapse )
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14 November 2009 @ 12:08 am
Who: Buffy, Angel
When: Dusk, just after the Scoobies arrived in LA
Where: Angel Investigations Office
Status: Closed

She climbed the steps of the office building, finding her way inside. With every step, Buffy wanted to run back to the car and help Willow, Giles, and even Wesley, out with the spell. Did she really need to let Angel know they were there? Really? Okay, yeah, she really did because Faith was dangerous and would probably want some sort of revenge for tricking her the year before. It was possible the other slayer would lash out at the people freshest in her memory. And that was most likely Buffy and Angel.

The butterflies were growing and flapping their wings harder than ever as she neared the office number. Her steps felt heavy and resistant, but she kept moving. She swallowed the large lump growing in her throat as she opened the door. It was an office, so really, no need to knock right?

The room was empty, but the blinds were closed as the sun was gradually setting. She bit her lip slightly as she peered through the mini waiting room to the empty reception desk. Although she didn't see him, in some bizarre way, she knew Angel was there. She could feel him. "Hello?" she called out, "Anybody home?"
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10 November 2009 @ 12:52 pm
Who: Spike, Faith and Dawn
Where: Los Angeles, Warehouse
When: Almost Morning
What: In Hiding
Status: Incomplete

Spike was such a whirlwind once he took them to the warehouse that Faith barely had a moment to react. The warehouse was secluded enough, however, that she didn't have to worry about any unwanted people to just happen on them. She hated, however, that it wasn't a cozy hotel. Before she knew it, Spike had driven off to fidn them food. Since when did that jackass really care if they really ate or not.

But Faith let him do the dirty work - for now. She wouldn't hesitate to stake him the moment he looked at either of them wrong.

For now, Faith sat with Dawn in the office on the lone couch, keeping very close watch on her sister as Dawn finally went to sleep.

When Spike burst back in announcing food, Faith couldn't help but roll her eyes. "Yeah, kiddo, he did. But lemme check it out first, okay? I ain't puttin' it past him if he dug the shit outta a dumpster." She stood up and walked out of the office, seeing Spike there with official-looking fast food bags. Smelled real and smelled normal.

"How'd you manage to swipe these?" she whispered before Dawn joined them. She snatched them out of his hands and took a peek in them. They were pretty legit... and her stomach let out a growl. She hadn't eaten she fled Buffy's house and that was far back enough to get her hungry again.
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06 October 2009 @ 04:03 pm
Who: Lindsey, Lilah, and Cordelia
Where: Wolfram & Hart
When: Just after the kidnapping thread
What: Lindsey and Lilah bring Cordelia to the firm as their prisoner
Status: Incomplete

You know, a small part of Lindsey was actually bothered by doing this. He hadn't signed onto the firm so that he could kidnap women and bring them to the firm to more than likely have visions ripped from her head as painfully as possible, or some other type of torture put upon her. He had signed up for this to work in a courtroom. That's what he had wanted to do. That was why he had become a lawyer.

Of course, Wolfram & Hart had given him the best offer, which basically meant the most money. He had to do different things to earn that money. He had told himself that he would never be poor again, and if this was what he had to do, then so be it, he supposed. This was going to be what he did for a living, as long as he lived, it seemed. Sometimes he had to do less than savory things to earn his paychecks, but who didn't? That's what he told himself as he walked Cordelia Chase down to one of the cells in the firm, anyway.

It wasn't even really a cell. It was more like a basic hotel room. Oh no, they had real cells, but those were saved for people who had really pissed someone off. Lindsey wasn't sure what they were going to do with Cordelia, but he assumed that it wasn't going to be anything nice or neat. For all he knew, this was an elaborate ploy to get Angel into the firms clutches. He didn't know what the firm liked about that guy, but they did.

It wasn't his place to know these sorts of things, anyway. That's what he was told, politely, when he ever did ask a question. That was starting to grate on his nerves a little as well. The things you put up with for a fat paycheck.
06 October 2009 @ 03:48 pm
Who: Angel, Fred, Doyle, Gunn
Where: Angel Investigations
When: After the Drokken fight
What: After the Drokken fight, they drop Cordy off and Angel ends up with everyone else as they go back to the office. Quickly enough, they find out that Cordy's been kidnapped by the evil W&H employees.
Status: Complete

First thing first was to drop Cordy off at her apartment after the fight with the Drokken thing. Now, him getting sucked into a portal was probably the last thing that Angel expected to happen. Fights never ended that easily. There was always blood and gut and sweat and stuff involved. Not that he was complaining, but Angel was sort of expecting something else to happen right now. Waiting for the proverbial anvil to come falling on his head.

Still, he tried to not be too antsy. Besides, there was another problem. They sort of needed to figure out what to do with the girl in the potato sack, or Fred as she seemed to prefer to be called. She seemed to be here to stay, unless another portal was going to snatch her up, too. Angel himself hoped that didn't happen. She seemed a little nutso, but that didn't mean that he wanted her to go back where she had come from. Where she came from sounded pretty bad.

So, they got back to the office and Angel went up the stairs, assuming that the others would follow him for right now. Doyle wasn't really in any shape still to be staying by himself. Fred had nowhere else to go, and Gunn seemed to come and go mostly as he pleased, if for no other reason than to snag a donut or two. Angel himself was starting to wonder when he opened up a hotel up here.
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16 September 2009 @ 10:20 am
Who: Buffy, Willow, Giles, Wesley
Where: Giles' Car
When: Evening
Status: Incomplete

It wasn't the most comfortable of rides but it was the fastest way to get there. Giles had brought along a few of the books that were now at Willow's feet as she sat up front to put together the tracking spell to find Faith. They  needed to move quickly, hoping to catch up with Faith and her sister before they really lost themselves in the maze of Los Angeles. So they stopped by the Magic Box, picked up a lot of the ingredients, then went on their way.

"It will be good for Angel and his team to help us with this," Giles admitted as they puttered along. They were only half an hour away. "I know this will be difficult for you, Buffy, but everyone could be in danger with Faith on the loose." And it was true. She had faked them out, maybe to get as close into their inner circle as possible. She had intentions - bad ones - and Giles felt partly responsible for falling for it. However, there was that part of himself as well as he could see within Buffy, that wanted to give Faith that second chance. The chance to really do GOOD.

Yes, it would take time and various acts to really prove it (and even then, it may never truly lead to redemption), but he wanted to believe someone like Faith had that in her. He gripped the steering wheel a bit tighter. How could he leave Buffy and Willow and Xander like this? His trip to England would have to wait a bit.

27 August 2009 @ 04:32 pm
Who: Lindsey, Lilah, and Cordelia
Where: Cordelia's Apartment
When: After the fight with the Drokken.
What: Kidnapping for the visions.
Status: Complete

So, it was Cordelia Chase who ended up with the visions? Well, wasn't that just hilarious? At least they didn't end up in some random person on the street whom they'd have to hunt down. No, Wolfram & Hart knew exactly where Miss Chase lived, and it wouldn't be anything to actually grab her and bring her back to the firm, right?

Well, Wolfram & Hart certainly seemed to think so, because they decided to just send Lindsey and Lilah to kidnap her and bring her in. Sure, they could bring in some big, brawny guys who were usually paid to do such things, but seemed to want them to do it for some reason or another that was probably unfathomable to anyone on this plane of existence. Such is the whim of the Senior Partners.

Lindsey stood outside of Cordelia's apartment building, having parked his own truck in the back for secrecy sake. The place didn't seem to have much in the way of security, which was very good. He looked over at Lilah, who was holding the rope and chloroform that they would be using on Miss Chase. "You ready for this?"
Current Location: Cordelia's Apartment
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Who: Lindsey and Lilah
Where: Wolfram & Hart
When: Evening, After Cordelia's First Vision
What: Trying to Trace the Visions
Status: Complete

Lindsey didn't quite understand why Lilah and he had been assigned this particular case. They were supposed to track exactly what happened to the visions of Angel's friend, Doyle. Seemed that the half-demon had gotten into some hot water with some people in the demon underworld, and, among other things, they ripped the visions straight from his head. Of course, the Senior Partners insisted that the visions hadn't simply 'vanished.'

Lindsey wasn't so sure. So who cared what happened to the visions? If what the Senior Partners wanted was Angel, then why not go for him now, when he might not receive a visionary warning from his friend that might hint at any plan they have for him. Far be it from him to question the Senior Partner's will, though. He liked his head just where it was, thank you.

He was reading over a few documents for the case in his office. He knew that Lilah was supposed to stop by at some point to talk about it with him, but he wasn't sure just exactly what time that she would be by.
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29 April 2009 @ 09:40 pm
Who: Buffy, Willow, Faith, Giles, Wesley, Dawn
Where: Giles' Apartment
When: Late afternoon/Early evening
Status: Incomplete

Keeping herself in between Willow and Faith as they made their way to Giles' apartment, she felt the animosity and anxiety thicken. It was coming off Faith in waves, mostly the animosity, some anger, and other not-so-good emotions. She knew Faith was a good actress, but not that great. She had proved it once before. Buffy wondered, did she remember that?

Either way, it was clear Faith was starting to remember more than she was letting on. Of course, she still may not have the full package, but she was sure flashes were coming back. They were bound to. Of course, she could be completely wrong and maybe Faith is still just as clueless as she was while eating pancakes in her home earlier that day. She could only hope that was the case. Her hope seemed to be lost though; she knew it deep inside. But, the determination was still coursing through her. Even if Faith was remembering and clearly pissed about it, then there was still the sliver of a chance they could help her.

She glanced at her best friend every now and then. She knew she was scared and well, still pretty hungover. Baby-sitting Faith was probably not on her agenda for the day, but she appreciated the red head coming along, despite her feelings about the rogue Slayer. A wave of silence had washed over the trio as they walked, which made the feelings in the air that more intense. She sucked in a breath as they finally walked into the courtyard of Giles' apartment. 'Longest walk ever,' she thought.

"Here we are," she announced, mostly for Faith's benefit. She knocked on the door, which was rare as she usually barged inside unannounced.