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12 June 2010 @ 07:44 pm
Getting Cordelia  
Who: Angel, Gunn, Cordelia, Fred, Doyle (Wes and Willow are welcome to tag along as well, too!)
Where: First AI Office, then Wolfram & Hart
When: A few days after the Faith thread
What: Getting Cordy
Status: Open

Now it was time to get Cordelia. He wasn't sure exactly how he was going to do this, but now was the time to do it. He wanted to storm the castle and rescue the damsel in distress, so to speak, but Wolfram & Hart was not just a place that you could storm into just like that. However, he couldn't stand to leave her in there a second longer, either. It had already been too long, in his opinion, but they'd had another crisis show up on his front step.

Not that Cordelia wasn't important! That wasn't the case at all. Faith had also been a threat to him, though. She had come to attack him, and it was hard to launch an attack when you are immediately worried about someone coming up behind you and stabbing you in the back. Not of the happy.

Right now he was deciding on which sword to bring. He doubted that they could get away with dumping a vampire in the lobby again, which meant that he was going to set off another alarm once he was inside. However, this wasn't something that he could get around. All he could do was rush in with back up and hope that he could get to Cordelia quickly enough before too many hired guns came out to pounce upon him as well.

That was the hope, anyway.
Charles Gunn: Charles Gunng_charles on June 13th, 2010 01:57 am (UTC)
Gunn himself was also helping to pick out weapons at the moment. Right now he was deciding between a big sword and a bigger sword. He was leaning toward the bigger sword, but that one would require him to use both hands. Something about not having a hand free to punch someone if necessary sort of worried him, though. It was a matter of going with bigger fire power versus possible tactical advantages.

He ended up going with the just 'big' sword, pulling it down from the mount that Angel had it on and giving it a test swing. "Good balance," he said. Sadly, he knew more about swords and battle axes than a person really should these days. Of course, all of his before had been made out of things like car metal and stuff. This thing was probably older than even Angel.

"So, how are we going to do this, exactly? I don't think the vampire deposit is going to work again. They know my face and that I work with you." He gave the sword another test swing. "We could try the sewer access, though. I know you said something about them having it for vampiric clients that needed to meet during the day." Those Wolfram & Hart files had come in handy after all.
just_doyle on June 18th, 2010 05:39 pm (UTC)
Doyle had spent his hours pacing his apartment and Angel Investigations. He alternated between the two, depending on time of day. He'd even managed to avoid going to bars! No, he wanted to be the strongest he could be for the moment they were ready to get Cordy. By the time Angel and Gunn were armed, Doyle was standing impatiently by the door, ready to destroy anyone besides his friends that got in his way.

His head hurt, his body ached, but nothing hurt as bad as his heart. A fundamental piece of him had been stolen. And then, not only was it stolen, but it was forced upon the one woman in the world he let himself love. Doyle sometimes wondered if he was cursed. Secretly, not like Angel, but doomed to ruin the lives of everyone he met.

Ignoring the caustic thoughts that his subconscious saw fit to plague him with, Doyle considered Gunn's suggestion.

"Prolly gonna be better than tryin' the front door again," he remarked.

Besides, Doyle was willing to use any means neccessary, including his much-abhorred demon talents. He was pretty sure they wouldn't let a green guy with spikes jutting out of his face just stroll on in.

"I know they've got vampire sensors but I don't think they've got anything for humans and... half-humans?"
Angel: Crazy Faceangelic_liam on June 19th, 2010 04:10 am (UTC)
Angel was actually starting to get worried about Doyle. It wasn't really his fault that any of this had happened, after all. What had happened was that Cordelia had opened a package intended for him, got the visions, and then Wolfram & Hart had taken her in an effort to take the visions from her. Plus, Doyle hadn't exactly given up the visions willingly. However, Doyle seemed to be acting as if he were the one who had caused all of this.

"Then we'll go in the sewer then," Angel said simply when Gunn brought up how they would get inside. "The sensors are going to go off on me. There's really not anything that we can do about that." The 'throw a vampire into the lobby' trick really only worked once, although it had worked beautifully when they had done it the first time. No, this time they were just going to have to risk him going inside.

He was certain that they were expecting him to run in the front lobby and try and fight through everything that they could throw at him. He just hoped that they didn't realize that he knew where the sewer entrance was. He pulled out a map of the layout of the firm that he had stolen during their little raid as well.

"When we go up through the sewer, we'll actually be near where they are probably keeping her," Angel said, pointing to the cells that they had in the basement of the firm. "So, hopefully we can get in, find her, and get out before they realize what's going on." Yeah, that was the hope.
Charles Gunn: Law is Sexyg_charles on June 19th, 2010 04:28 am (UTC)
Gunn watched as Angel finally picked out something to use for their upcoming battle and then pull out the map that he and Cordelia had swiped from Wolfram & Hart during the little raid the two of them pulled. Well, maybe he should say 'three of them' because they wouldn't have gotten very far if he hadn't done his part, which was really fun, actually. They couldn't do that this time. This time would take stealth and speed.

He looked over the map that Angel was looking at. "Let's just hope that this thing is up to date," he muttered as he looked it over. He hoped that Angel hadn't grabbed a map that was from a former renovation or something. That would suck, especially for Cordelia, since they were supposed to be coming to get her and all.

"Well, you can't have 'human' sensors because that what they got working for them for the most part." Gunn's eyebrow arched up at the mention of 'half-human,' though. Not in a bad way, just in a surprised way. Since coming into contact with these guys, Gunn's horizons had started to spread past his original thoughts about vampires and demons. Most still sucked, but occasionally there were some decent ones out there that you could work with.

"They know what I look like, though, so it's sewers for me, too," Gunn said, making a slight face. He was not looking forward to that. "They probably know what you look like, too. They seem to know everyone who hangs around with Angel."
just_doyle on June 24th, 2010 01:58 pm (UTC)
D: I need a spikey face icon!
Doyle was beyond caring about his less than respectable heritage. There was someone in distress and not just any someone, Cordelia. Poor innocent Cordelia. It was probably fortunate for the brunette that Doyle didn't know her Sunnydale history as his adoration might have been tarnished. Instead, he remained blissfully ignorant and would ignore Angel's anecdotes in favor of thinking about how lovely she currently was.

"Well, they might know what I look like now but they don't know what I always look like," he said.

Sighing and glancing at Angel, Doyle knew it was only fair that Gunn knew who he was working beside before they went into battle. Getting whacked over the head with a tray by Cordy when she hadn't known his demon form had dazed him so bad he'd been out of the fight. And that was just Cordy! He was far more afraid of Gunn's skills.

Twitching, and shaking just a little, he let his second face show. Vibrant skin with blue spikes took place of his ruddy Irish complexion. Doyle didn't bother smiling.

"I got a back up disguise," he said by way of explanation before shifting back.
Angel: Captain Foreheadangelic_liam on July 3rd, 2010 02:05 am (UTC)
You do! Also, sorry to drag!
Angel didn't know that Doyle would change in front of anyone. Actually, he had always seemed somewhat ashamed of it, or at least worried about what others would think of him. It was why he hadn't told Cordelia about it at any rate, which was really kind of worrisome. In their lives, they should all know all the advantages that everyone had. Hopefully, this would show that maybe he could show it to others, like Cordelia. Secrets just would bite you in the ass before it was over with.

"No, they might not at least immediately recognize you when they see you like that," Angel said simply when he changed. "They probably at least do know that you're half demon, though. So...be prepared to smack them in the face when they do put two and two together, OK?"

Seemed simply enough for him, anyway. They all needed to stay on their toes doing this. He gave his sword a slight twirl. "So, that vampire alarm that they have will go off as soon as I enter the building, but what I'm kind of hoping is that they'll start looking in the lobby of the building before they think to look in the basement." He was kind of depending on them to be dumb. He couldn't just sit on his hands while Cordy sat in there, after all. No, he had to go inside and help.
Charles Gunn: Gunn for Hireg_charles on July 3rd, 2010 02:17 am (UTC)
When Doyle showed his 'demon face,' all he got from Gunn was an arched eyebrow. He occasionally helped out a vampire now. Plus, he had been seeing vampires and a couple of demons in their freaky faces for the majority of his life now. Not much of that nature could really freak him out nowadays. "So, you're like...a blue and green porcupine then?" Gunn asked, still looking him over. Hopefully Doyle wasn't a proud member of the blue and green porcupine tribe and Gunn had just insulted his race. "Good to know, though. Wouldn't want to hit you in a fight thinking you worked for them."

Then, Gunn shrugged and looked back down at the map. It would take more than a human sized porcupine to freak him out these days. "We probably shouldn't split too far apart, though." That's kind of what they would want to do, separate them. Get them apart and try to take them out one by one. Hopefully they wouldn't get to them in time to start too much fighting, but best laid plans tend to go bad...or something.

"Alright, so, are we gonna do this, or are we gonna stand around talking this out all night?" Gunn asked them. He was in the mood for some action, and Cordy needed to be gotten and rescued already.
just_doyle on July 8th, 2010 02:04 pm (UTC)
"Yeah, something like that. But a lot stronger that way, unlike the little stabby rodent variety."

Doyle wouldn't have wanted Cordelia to see him this way but he felt it was only fair that Gunn knew who he was fighting beside. So many times Angel had tried to get Doyle to use his demon side and so many times Doyle had said no. This time was different though. It wasn't some faceless stranger that needed saving, not some petty vampire to be slain. No, it was Cordelia. And she was hostage to Wolfram and Hart.

You didn't need to be a rocket scientist to know that this time they were going to need the biggest Gunns guns they had. All their tricks were played out after the first raid.

"Don't normally like lookin' like a freak but if it'll help Cordy, I'm game." Even as he spoke, he'd taken Gunn's lead and was heading for the door. "Man after me own heart. Less talk, more fighting evil law firms and saving beautiful damsels in distress."
Angel: Dancingangelic_liam on July 16th, 2010 12:39 am (UTC)
Angel was ready to get going as well. They had figured out a plan of action, and now they needed to act upon it. Cordy had been there more than long enough, and he was worried that they wouldn't just keep her around for much longer. He was fairly certain that she was still alive, if for no other reason that he was pretty sure they probably would have sent an ear or something equally as gruesome by now if she wasn't. He knew that, if he were evil at the moment, that's exactly what he would do, anyway.

He had nothing else to go on but the idea that she was still alive because they had heard nothing else to let them believe that she wasn't. So, he got a good grip on his weapon and headed for the door. Gunn and Doyle both seemed more than ready to go as well, and it was something that they all needed to do so that she would come back and maybe they could figure out a way to send her visions back to Doyle.

When they all headed out the door and went down the stairs, Gunn started to head for his own truck instead of Angel's car. "Why are we taking your car?" he asked Gunn. He wasn't sure what it was about his car, but he always preferred to take it over anyone else's. Maybe he just preferred his driving over anyone else's. He really wasn't sure what it was, anyway.
Charles Gunn: Peace outg_charles on July 16th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
While they were still talking a little, Gunn was already heading down toward his truck. And they were going to take his truck whether Angel liked it or not. For one, Angel drove like a grandma. Maybe he was just trying to take care of his precious car or something, but he never went over the speed limit. Of course, LA was a place of batshit crazy drivers, so Angel got honked at a lot.

Gunn was also a little anxious to actually get in and out of Wolfram & Hart as well. He didn't like that place. Not that any of them really liked it, but he had been in trouble with the law before, and lawyers were really just one branch of the law, after all. Same reason why he didn't get along all that well with cops. He'd just had too much trouble with them to really be comfortable being around them.

And of course Angel had to say something about his choice in vehicles. "We're going in my truck because it's less conspicuous than a convertible," Gunn pointed out. He hopped into the driver's side. "Besides, you drive like a grandma and we need to get a move on for Cordy's sake."
just_doyle on August 10th, 2010 06:49 pm (UTC)
Doyle had little else to say. Normally a man of many words, too many usually, he was feeling grim. He'd take on a million Wolfram and Harts for Cordelia, a trillion even. However, he was already feeling a lack of confidence that they'd succeed and it made his heart heavy. Cordelia would never forgive them if she remained property of the firm and worse off, he'd never be able to apologize for all the pain he was causing her.

Considering his options, he opted to hop in the bed of Gunn's truck, slouching down so as not to be visible to just any old passer by.

"Floor it," his voice sounded as the two men were buckling up and continuing to bicker.
Angel: Darkangelic_liam on August 22nd, 2010 07:09 pm (UTC)
Angel watched as Gunn nodded, jerking back just a little as Gunn hit the gas pedal and they started flying down the highway toward Wolfram & Hart. There wasn't much said on the car ride past the last thing that Doyle said. There wasn't much to be said. They all wanted the same thing, if for slightly different reasons at the moment. They all wanted to rescue Cordy from the clutches of Wolfram & Hart, and possibly burn the place down while they were at it.

They pulled up to the back of the firm quickly enough, and headed down to the sewer access that Angel knew of so that they could go up through the basement. The plans that they had seen at the office said that their cells were on the bottom floor, so, even though the alarm was going to go off as soon as he got into the actual building, the hope was that they would get to Cordy before the hordes of security guards got to them.

Angel opened the manhole and dropped down into the sewer and watched as Gunn came just after him, and immediately made a face at the smell of the place. "Helps to not have to breathe," Angel said, starting in the direction of the door to the basement of Wolfram & Hart. "I suggest trying to hold your breath. We're not far."
Charles Gunn: Smiling 01g_charles on August 22nd, 2010 07:22 pm (UTC)
As Gunn came down the manhole after Angel, he nearly gagged from the smell. Hell, even when he was chasing vampires, he didn't usually follow them down the damn sewers! God, if only he didn't have to breathe like a real human being, huh? "Yeah, I bet it helps to not have to breathe," he said with a slight retch. "Seriously, I think I'm going to throw up soon."

He followed Angel until the got to an elevator that Gunn could only assume would take them to the basement level, where the cells were supposed to be. He pressed the 'down' button and, a few moments later, a light above the elevator blinked and the door opened. It didn't go off as soon as Angel got into it, though, thankfully enough.

He hit the button to the basement level and the door closed behind them, shutting him, Angel, and Doyle inside of the elevator. The elevator went up and, as soon as they reached the basement level, the alarm did start going off. "Well, guess we better make this quick," Gunn said as the door opened on the basement level for them. "We ain't got much time before the goon squad shows up."
misschase on August 27th, 2010 03:54 pm (UTC)
Cordelia was facing the wall in her cell. Her head felt practically disconnected from her body she was in such pain. It was pounding and hurt so bad she barely wanted to move, let alone think.

The tests had been endless. Going on for days and days. She was really losing hope that Angel and Doyle even gave any kind of damn about her anymore. It had just been too long. Or hell, maybe they'd try to save her and ended up dead.

She didn't want to know. She just wanted these stupid lawyer assholes to kill her already. Anything to stop this throbbing. She could barely sleep. And now the throbbing sounded like an alarm--no, wait, that was a real alarm.

She pushed herself up slowly, rubbing her eyes and pushing her tangled mess of hair out of her face. That was a vampire alarm going off. She swallowed, watching the lights flash in the room. Maybe it was just a vampire got into the building. No big deal, it'd be dead. But, maybe…just maybe it was Angel? But, feeling any sort of hope was just cruel at this point.
just_doyle on September 11th, 2010 07:06 pm (UTC)
Doyle had been quiet for most of their trek through the sewers. Sure, it was relatively disgusting, but his mind was elsewhere. Focusing, trying to keep from distraction. It was going to take their very best to get to Cordelia without getting killed, to get out without getting killed, and, in general, to avoid getting killed.

Once inside it was only a matter of time before security was alerted to their presence. It would be a race against time but at least if they could get to Cordelia, there was a chance in hell they might be able to get back out.

"I'll go down the left hall," he informed them, breaking off before they could argue.

The process was quick, looking into windows and banging on doors in hopes he'd hear Cordy, or better yet see her, on the other side. After the first ten though, he was getting discouraged.

"Any luck guys?" Doyle called back to Angel and Gunn.
Angel: Dark 2angelic_liam on September 12th, 2010 10:53 pm (UTC)
As soon as they got into the building proper, the alarms started to go off. Just great. This really meant that they didn’t have a whole lot of time left for them to start looking for Cordelia. Luckily, as he started to look around, Angel realized that he wasn’t wrong with the plans that he had been looking at. The cells were still on the basement level, which meant that they actually would have time to look for Cordelia and get out of there before too much fighting had to go on.

He didn’t realize that there would be so many cells to have to look through. Most seemed to be empty, though. When Doyle had went to the left, Angel had went to the right, doing much of the same that he was, looking into windows and trying to find Cordelia. He had gotten through about ten before hearing Doyle call back to them.

“Not yet!” he called back down to Doyle. However, from the shouting coming from the direction that Gunn had taken off in, it sounded like he might have had some better luck, and Angel turned and started to head down the third hallway that Gunn had ran down. He could see Gunn beckoning them and pointing to the cell that he was standing in front of.
Charles Gunn: Smiling 02g_charles on September 12th, 2010 10:54 pm (UTC)
While the others guys ran off left and right, Gunn actually ran forward. There were three different hallways of cells for them to look through. It didn’t sound like Doyle and Angel were having much luck, though, since they seemed to keep going and finally ended up shouting to one another over the very loud and annoying alarm that was still going off and probably would be going off until they got out of there.

It was the eighth cell that Gunn had looked into that he spotted Cordelia laying down on a cot in a room, facing away from the door. “Cordelia!” he shouted, beating on the door to try and either wake her up or see if she was unconscious. He saw her move and turn in his direction, though, so at least she seemed to be OK.

He grinned when he realized that, at least physically, she seemed to be OK. “Come on, girl, get up!” he said. He turned back down the hallway toward where Angel and Doyle would be. “Guys! She’s in here! Come on and help me get this door open!”

The door was locked, for obvious reasons, but maybe nice vampire strength along with regular Gunn strength would be enough to bash the door in and get her out of here before any sort of nasty guards came down to try and kill them for daring to be in here.
misschase on September 20th, 2010 02:48 pm (UTC)
Cordelia practically jumped out of her skin--probably not too difficult a task at this point--when she heard the familiar voice of Gunn shouting her name. She looked up slowly, pushing herself up with much effort.

"Gunn…?" she asked through a choked voice. She thought she must be hallucinating now. Great, another side effect of whatever they'd done to her. But, then he called to the "guys". Did that mean Angel and Doyle were here too?

She felt her eyes suddenly brim with tears. But, they weren't out of the woods yet. She could celebrate her freedom from this place after they were successfully out of here. "Oh god…I never thought you guys would come," she said, making her way slowly to the bars of the cell, so she'd be ready when they (hopefully) broke her free.
just_doyle on October 17th, 2010 03:29 pm (UTC)
It only took Doyle once to turn on his heels and swing down the corridor in Gunn's direction. Cordelia, he'd found her! And, hopefully, she was in some state of okay that wouldn't be impossible to fix. Coming in behind Gunn, Doyle surveyed the situation. Now was one of those times he'd been talking about earlier, about embracing his demon side, blah blah blah.

Only this was Cordelia. And if she saw him like that, she might not ever speak to him again.

He hesitated, looking between Angel and Gunn. His expression was torn and he wasn't going to be making a decision without orders from the boss. If they could get her out without the hassle of his demon form then that's what they would do. If not... well then he was going to have some 'splaining to do.
Angel: Fighting Stanceangelic_liam on November 5th, 2010 03:01 am (UTC)
Sorry for taking so long. School and general depression has gotten me down.
Angel bolted down the hallway when he heard Gunn yelling that he had found Cordelia. He was relieved to hear that he had found her, and that, since the yelling wasn't including cursing or anything of that nature, that she was at least alive. His yelling also wouldn't be that...animated, Angel would think. They had gotten here in time to help her. That's what was truly important right now.

Angel looked over Gunn's shoulders to see Cordelia in the cell. She had seen better days, but she was alive and looked overall healthy. He just hoped that there was a way to put the visions back into Doyle and take them out of her head. He knew that Doyle was feeling all sorts of awful about that. If they could move them back, though, things could go back to normal, or about as normal as it ever really got around here.

"Gunn, get back so that I can get the door open," he said, getting the younger man to set aside. This wasn't going to be a general 'pop the lock' sort of deal. Angel half assumed that there would be several locks or something to get through. Even with Gunn's general great ability with locks, Angel didn't think that they would do good this time.

Plus Angel wanted to destroy something to make himself feel a little better for taking so long to get here. "Cordelia, step back so that I can get you out," he said. Once she did so, he gripped one of the bars on the door with one hand and the rim of the door under the bars with another and pulled with all of his strength.
Charles Gunn: Smiling 03g_charles on November 5th, 2010 03:37 am (UTC)
"Of course we'd come for you, Cordelia," Gunn said to her. "Sorry it kind of took an extra while. Promise we'll explain as soon as we get out of this pit and take you out for a steak dinner or something." She looked like she could stand a good meal. OK, she kind of looked like that to Gunn, anyways, since Gunn preferred girls with a little more meat on them, usually, and Cordelia, while great looking and better than most skinny bitches in LA, still wouldn't hurt for a few more curves.

When Angel said for him to get back, he was a little surprised, but did so, anyway. He knew that, with a few minutes, he could have gotten the lock to the door popped, but maybe Angel didn't think that they would have a few minutes. Gunn wouldn't be too shocked if guards started running down the hallway any moment.

He watched as Angel grabbed a hold of the door and, with one grunt, wrenched it off the hinges and then set it against the wall. He arched his eyebrows at the display. "Someone likes their dramatic displays," he said with a slight chuckle. "Now, can we get out of here before the guards come and try to kill us?"
misschase on November 10th, 2010 04:16 am (UTC)
Cordelia saw Angel finally come running towards the cell. She felt like melting from relief on the spot and from general exhaustion, but knew it was now or never. They were breaking out and had to make a clean getaway. She knew, however, that her cell had the highest security, so undoubtedly someone had noticed their presence by now.

She stood back as Angel pulled her cell open, glad that they hadn't put any sort of magical protection on the bars. She nodded to Gunn's words and tried to smile at the three of them, but was failing under the worry of just how horrible she looked. God, all she wanted right now was a shower. Or a long bath with oils and candlelight.

She slowly stepped through the now open entrance of the cell, feeling a little woozy. She stumbled towards them and found herself suddenly latching onto the closest person for support, which happened to be Doyle. This was probably the best bet, considering Angel and Gunn might need to punch a few people on their way out.

"Let's get the hell out of here," she commanding, finally finding a bit of strength in her voice.
just_doyle on November 10th, 2010 01:30 pm (UTC)
Cordelia looked worn, exhausted. It was heartbreaking to see such a beautiful woman looking so ragged. Especially when it was a woman he fancied so very much. As she stumbled forward, Doyle's secretly fast reflexes kicked in and he had his arms around her to keep her from falling within but a mere second.

"Yeah, this place pretty much is hell," Doyle agreed.

In one motion, he swooped her up into his arms, nodding and Angel and Gunn to start barreling forward. Hopefully Cordy wouldn't protest too much, because the was the quickest way to ensure her safety while they made haste.

"Promise I won't drop ya, Princess," he assured her as they ran. "Just hold on tight!"
Angel: General Grumpantsangelic_liam on November 10th, 2010 07:19 pm (UTC)
((OOC: I think we can end with Angel's comment and move on.))
If Doyle hadn't caught Cordelia, Angel or Gunn would have. She would definitely be in safe hands now, or at least much safer hands. At this point, Angel was almost hoping for a guard or two to run in so that he could beat the living hell out of him, or a couple of lawyers who shall remain nameless right now. Anyone that he could attack and get his frustration out on at the moment.

"Definitely hell," he agreed. "Now let's get out of here before our good luck runs out." He took off in a run so that they could all get out of here, although he made sure that he didn't run too fast that he actually lost Doyle and Gunn, making sure to listen to check and see that his three companions were behind him, and that they weren't being tailed by anyone else.

He felt no small amount of relief when they managed to get out of the prison of Wolfram & Hart and back into the sewers with no trouble. While this had certainly been no walk in the park, they had managed to get Cordelia out of there with minimal fuss.

If only all of their missions went as well.