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10 December 2010 @ 12:32 am
Who: Buffy, Angel, Willow, Wesley, Giles
Where: Angel Investigations Office
When: Shortly after this post
Status: Incomplete

She was still in disbelief as she hauled herself back up the stairs to Angel's office. Willow and Wesley were still there, she hoped, unless Spike somehow kidnapped them too. But, she figured that was a bit unlikely. Regardless, she couldn't help being a little annoyed that Angel had somehow let Spike get the better of him.

Buffy slumped into the chair behind was she assumed was Cordelia desk--unless Angel was suddenly subscribing to Vogue magazine. She let out a long sigh, "Well, we're back to square one," she announced to the room.

"Spike somehow--" she sent a quick glance to Angel, which was quite clearly full of blame, "got Faith when I was going to get some restraints since I knocked her out. He stole a car and took off with her before I could do anything."

Running a hand through her hair, she continued, "So, now we can't exactly try the nice and easy approach of trying to talk Faith into not being all evil. All she wants to do is fight and now she had an evil vampire accomplice. This is just great."
Willow Rosenberg: Geek_willow_magic on December 10th, 2010 09:10 am (UTC)
Willow and Wesley had stayed behind while Buffy and Angel had gone after Faith and her sister. They both hadn't wanted to get in the way. Their abilities lay elsewhere and they both knew it. Though, Willow had an easier time admitting this then Wesley ever would.

Chalk it up to fragile male ego.

Instead they had talked about what had been happening in both their lives while they waited. And worried. And waited. And mostly worried.

When the others finally returned, sans Faith, they both looked up and frowned.

"Where's..." Willow started, only to be interrupted by an obvious irate Buffy. The redhead winced and quickly sat back down.

"Spike?" Wesley asked at the same time, pulling off his glasses and giving them both a look of confusion. "This is getting more complicated by the second." Where had Spike, of all people, come from and what did he want with Faith?
Angel: Captain Foreheadangelic_liam on December 10th, 2010 05:56 pm (UTC)
Angel sent a glare in Buffy's direction. It's not like he had intended for Spike to snatch up Faith during a second that he had been a little distracted and run off with her. Doing the blame thing wouldn't exactly accomplish anything right now, though. What they needed to do was regroup and find Spike and Faith. That was what the important thing was.

"Yeah, Spike," Angel said to Wesley. "Apparently him and Faith have teamed up to make our lives all the more hellish right now." What the plan had been was to get Faith up here and try to get through to her, but Spike with his mere presence had managed to ruin all of that. If he got his hands on Spike right now he'd probably try and tear his head off.

"Definitely getting more complicated by the second." He sat down with a slight sigh. "Looks like we're going to have to do another tracking spell to find them." And then he'd truly have to put Spike in his place once they found them again. There shouldn't be any more surprises since now he knew that Spike was in LA.

He glanced back toward Willow. "When do you think you can do another tracking spell?" He didn't know if she needed to wait and rest first or what. The sooner they could do it, though, the better.
Buffy Summers: super bitchytheslayer_buffy on December 17th, 2010 03:10 am (UTC)
"Tell me about it," Buffy replied to Wesley with another heave of a sigh. She was really at a loss now, feeling completely helpless. How were they ever going to get a second chance to help Faith?

The other Slayer was slipping away by the second. And beating the crap out of her clearly hadn't helped anything. If she had been quicker, or if something hadn't distracted Angel, they could be helping her right now. Ugh!

"And what happens if we find her again?" she asked, looking at everyone, "Another smackdown that will totally cement her hating us?"

She shook her head, "I don't know if going straight for her again like this will do any good. But, we really need to get her away from Spike. I'm sure he's planting loads of bullshit in her mind."
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: sigh glasseswatcher_pryce on January 6th, 2011 09:33 am (UTC)
He'd rather not tell her about it, Wesley realised. In fact it was probably for the best if he kept quiet. He had learned from experience. And experience had taught him that these people barely tolerated but definitely didn't like him. Not had they ever been inclined to listen.

So even if he had a plan for this, which he hadn't right now, he wasn't going to waste energy. They could bloody well figure it out on their own. He'd be there to help out.

The former Watcher couldn't help but think that they just had to watch a whole different can of rotten worms be pried open with the arrival of Spike.

Willow, on the other hand was feeling a bit intimidated. She looked at Angel with wide green eyes, automatically leaning back a bit at his obvious order, even if he made it sound like a question.

This was odd. Angel and Buffy usually agreed on things. To watch them now, glaring at each other, way with the strangeness of awkwardness. And Spike really was the last thing they needed. Ugh.

"Uhm, not?" she replied quietly to Angel's question. "I got nothing of Faith's to do the spell with."
Angel: Crazy Faceangelic_liam on January 17th, 2011 01:46 am (UTC)
Angel sighed when both Buffy and Willow pointed out that a tracking spell wasn't going to be done for different reasons. Another face off wasn't what would work for right now. Plus, they had nothing of Faith's now to track her with. Plus, who knew if they had a spell cast on themselves now that would keep them from being tracked magically. He didn't remember Willow being particularly great with magic, but she was really the best that they had at the moment, so they'd have to make due.

"With our luck Spike has her holed somewhere outside of LA, anyway." If Spike was half as smart as he liked people to think he was, he was hiding outside of LA. "If we're going to find them at all, we need to start checking abandon buildings, probably near the docks or something."

"But you guys are right. We can't just do the same thing again. We need to convince Faith that Spike doesn't have her best interests at heart, or her sister's. Do you think there's a way for us to get to her sister and see if the sister can convince her to get away from Spike?"
Buffy Summers: pretty blindfoldtheslayer_buffy on January 27th, 2011 04:57 am (UTC)
Buffy was glad when Angel backed off on trying to get Willow to do another spell. Nothing good would come of them finding Faith right away again. They needed to give her some time, time to cool down.

Of course, that time also gave Spike more chances to fill her mind with how horrible they all were. She really wished she could let someone else take the reins on this one because trying to get to Faith has always been and seems like it would continue to be a lose-lose situation.

"Well, abandoned buildings are a start," she finally agreed with Angel. "We won't use magic, we can just use our old-fashioned eyeballs to find them, I guess. Plus, I know you vampires have some weird smelling people thing you do, so I'm sure can track Spike or Faith's scent."

She shook her head at Angel's question, looking to the others for a bit of help. "I don't know. If talking isn't doing anything, then I don't know what to do." Maybe she should be praying for another coma.
Willow Rosenberg: Willow side look_willow_magic on January 29th, 2011 11:18 am (UTC)
My, the tension was something could almost physically touch in the room. Wesley glanced from Buffy to Angel and back again before frowning lightly. He hadn't been aware of Angel leaving at the same time he had left, but he found it odd. Of course the last time he'd seen these two they had been...well... madly in love while fighting for their lives and so on and so on.

"Actually," Wesley mumbled at Buffy's remark, "a vampire sense of smell is similar to that of a slayer. The only difference with Spike is that Angel can sense him closer by due to the family bond. Just as you should be able to feel if Faith is close by."

And he'd better shut up now. They hadn't taken to kindly to him talking back in Sunnydale. He'd even /more so/ shut up about what the Council would do with Faith. They'd take her out to call the next Slayer, simple as that.

"Maybe split up on two?" Willow suggested tentatively. She really didn't like the tension and she missed Oz. Even if Oz had left her for part better blah blah blah. Ugh. No, she still was mad at Oz even if she missed him. But he had an even better sense of smell than Angel or Buffy she knew, due to the wolf inside. He'd have been able to track Faith or possibly Spike.

"And we really need to hurry. Poor Dawn is still with them. I don't know the girl but that young and already falling in with the likes of Spike?" The trauma alone! Poor girl was gonna be a ball of misery when they finally found her, Willow was sure of it. If Faith really cared about the girl she wouldn't be dragging the poor thing all over town with Spike.
Angel: Darkangelic_liam on February 7th, 2011 02:23 am (UTC)
“I’m more likely to track Spike than Faith,” Angel admitted. Wesley had been right, giving him a slight nod when he pointed it out. (Even if the man could be annoying, he had a tendency to be right a fair amount, at least about technical stuff.) If he concentrated enough, he could find Spike as long as he knew he was around. He did have to be looking for it, usually. The connection was stronger to direct children that he had sired, but it went far down the line. He would technically be able to fairly easily sense vampires that had been sired by anyone Spike sired, for instance.

“Even if Spike is playing fairly nice for him, it would still be a much better idea to get Dawn the hell away from him right now.” And Faith, too, but that could go unsaid. They’d have better luck taking Dawn away from them than trying to take Faith at this point, but basically kidnapping a child just…turned his stomach in ways that reminded him of stuff that he had done when he was Angelus. Plus, Faith would certainly come for them if they went for such a drastic measure.

He couldn’t help but be worried about that kid, though. At best, she’d still be influenced by Spike. So would Faith, for that matter. “Think we should wait until tomorrow to start looking, or go ahead and do it tonight?” he asked, looking toward Buffy. Faith was a Slayer, which meant that this fell more under Buffy’s domain than his.
Buffy Summers: pretty blindfoldtheslayer_buffy on February 9th, 2011 10:27 pm (UTC)
Buffy nodded to Willow, "Splitting up might be a good idea. We could cover more ground that way." She really wished that Faith had just stayed in Sunnydale because this whole searching thing could have been a lot easier. Los Angeles seemed a million times bigger now, which meant much more ground to cover. And also meant they were even less likely to find them.

"It's bad," she agreed with both Willow and Angel. "I don't think he'll hurt her since he'll lose Faith as an ally if he does. But, if we can somehow find Dawn, then we might be able to connect with Faith again. And then there's the issue of her losing even more trust in us if we use her little sister as bait." She let out an exasperated sigh.

She rubbed her temples for a moment as she thought. "Let's wait until tomorrow and try to catch her in the daytime. We might be able to spot the vampire-ey hideouts better that way, like blacked out windows and stuff. And with any luck, Spike could be asleep and we'd have a better chance of getting to Faith." She knew scouting during the day time might leave Angel out of the mix, but they could always search the sewers, in case they ran into Spike there.

Looking at Angel, she said, "You have some people that work with you, right? Think they could lend a hand with this?"
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: sigh glasseswatcher_pryce on March 7th, 2011 11:28 am (UTC)
Willow smiled at the fact that's she's managed to come up with a good idea. Not that she thought she was a dummy, but being around people who had far more experience then she when it came to the whole war rah rah strategy thing? Yeah, kinda made her feel small.

Giver her magic or computers any day now! "We'll catch them," she said with far more confidence then she felt.

Wesley on the other hand was far less convinced of this. Then again, he was the half empty glass type. But knowing better then to blab out loud again, - he had learned since Sunnydale - he kept his opinion to himself. He'd stick to giving the odd suggestion here and there.

At any rate, going at it tomorrow sounded good to him. He was tired and getting rather hungry right about now. and getting some help with this was even better. "Really? Oh yes, you have an ah... agency," Wesley nodded, having forgotten this.